We live in a scary and amazing world. A world where there is more online data stored than memory is stored in our heads. Droves of online data that is both important and sensitive and people are always trying to get at it. Hackers are just part of the criminal landscape in this new world and what we need to do as a society is figure out how to stop them from accessing our data. It is a constant game of cat and mouse with computer systems companies and hackers, and there is no telling who is winning at any given time.

All we can do as the prime hosting company in our area is do our best to let our customers know that their data is the most important thing in the world to us. That we are constantly working on ways to protect their data and that we are working tirelessly to update our software to make it much harder to hack. Not only do we offer hosting for half the price of other Las Vegas companies, but we offer the best data security package in the world. There is something about what we do that is different than other companies, and we are proud of that.

Our customers deserve the best in encryption software which is why we are at the forefront of the effort. We are staffed with data security experts from around the world and when we started this company so many years ago we had a vision of protecting everyone’s data and giving them the edge that they need in this digital world. Years later here we are the largest data security provider in the area with cutting edge of encryption software¬†and web hosting coupons.

Stick with us you are in good hands

Hands that care about your data and hands that protect your data every chance we get. We are here to ensure that you are given every opportunity for fast hosting and data security that is second to none. If we cannot protect your data, we cannot protect any data, and once that happens the hackers win. What we are doing is being at the forefront of a society that says our data is ours and that in order to make the online world safe we must focus all of our efforts to this cause.

Join a team that is here to protect your data and offer hosting that is second to none. That what we do is something that is not something that every company does. That hosting is only part of what we do and that data encryption is something that we are obsessive about. Here we are in a world where having a website is mandatory and that data encryption is not something that everyone focuses on as hard as we do. We hope you will join our efforts in building a community bent on data security ad the understanding that we need to stay ahead of this if we want a safe internet.